GIFT is...

.... an organization that engages in and promotes nature connection and improved physical and mental health through forest therapy/bathing walks and other outdoor nature-immersion activities. We train forest therapy guides and engage in the dissemination of health and nature connection research, in addition to collaborating with and supporting researchers investigating the benefits and best practices of guiding forest therapy/bathing walks.  We also support trained forest therapy guides, helping them to develop their unique and fulfilling vocation by offering them support to create the foundations they need to become successful guides in their communities and professional lives.

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It all started when…

At GIFT we see a world where humans and the natural environment are healthy and vibrant. We recognize that as creatures of this Earth, human health is embedded within the health of the larger web of life on Earth.

Humans are being subjected to more and more pressure to perform and contribute to an ever-growing culture of production and consumption. This kind of lifestyle creates a baseline of stress within our bodies that makes it very challenging to sustain mental and physiological health. Forest therapy, and other nature connection practices, are pathways to returning to a baseline of health and happiness. Forest therapy guides people into pleasurable experiences with the forest that create joyful, relaxing and reflective connection, offering proven mental and physiological health benefits.  We care for what we love, and we love what feels good to feel connected to, and so at GIFT we are dedicated to creating a circle of health of humans and all of nature around our planet.

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