If you are a forest therapy guide certified through ANFT between the years of 2013-2017(please note we cannot make any exceptions from this as these are the years GIFTs co-founder Sky-Maria Buitenhuis was the director of certification at ANFT)) we would like to offer you the unique opportunity to also become certified through GIFT. This offer is in response to requests from forest therapy guides who were trained within this period and because we want to invite you to enhance your present training, while also honouring the substantial investment you have already made in your professional development.

In order to avail of this offer you will need to take one extra training day and the corresponding practicum component (the training day is day 5 during the 8 day training intensive). The training day delivers the knowledge and skills to embody our client-centered approach to guiding immersive relational experiences. This is a new element that has been added to the training and we are excited to be offering it. It will enhance your current training by deepening your ability to 'read the field' of what is needed when guiding an individual or a group of people through the forest therapy practice. You will also receive a copy of the GIFT 'Forest Therapy Guiding Handbook'. As a gift of goodwill we are offering the training day for free, the fee only includes the cost of the handbook, the practicum mentoring and administration. The full cost is CAD$425 (please note this does not include any accommodation or catering costs that may apply at the training venue).

We hope you will come join us in this way and are excited to offer you this deepening into your guiding practice!