Attend the Training

The first step of becoming a GIFT certified forest therapy guide is to attend all components of the 8-day forest therapy guide training intensive.


Complete Practicum

The second step is to complete all assignments of the 6-month mentored practicum that follows immediately after the 8-day training intensive. At the end of these 6 months,  and once approved by your mentor, you are ready for graduation.

Please note this includes completing the standard first aid training for working outdoors in your country of residence.


Attend your virtual graduation ceremony and receive your certificate in the post!

Ongoing participation in the Guiding Community

Your certification tuition cost includes a free year of GIFT foerst therapy guide membership, which starts after graduation (if you graduate within the first half of the year you get the remainder of the year for free, if you graduate within the second half of the year you get the following year for free). After this year is complete you will need to re-new your membership. This includes the membership fee, keeping your first-aid training current and giving us an update on your guiding pactice. Find out more here, including what you recieve as a guide member here. 

I have always enjoyed spending time in nature. When I went to university my areas of study were forestry and environmental geography. Studying nature was almost as good as being in it. It was not until I began learning about the health benefits provided by nature and eventually studying to become a forest therapy guide that I really understood what I had been missing. I was passing through nature and not connecting with it. What I learned opened my eyes to what I had been missing. The training was exceptional and changed my approach to how I connect with the natural world
— Rob Klea, OTC, Educator and Certified Forest Therapy Guide
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