The training was therapeutic, fun, informative, purposeful, fulfilling, and life-changing.
- Forest Therapy Guide Trainee


Our forest therapy guide training provides the skills and confidence for you to become a forest therapy guide, giving you the tools needed to be a professional practitioner in an exponentially growing field of inspiring and holistic health-care that is breaking new ground in human and planetary health. Through taking our training you will also become part of an experienced international community of forest therapy guides who together are continuously expanding the frontier of this practice forward to reach an ever-increasing spectrum of clients and health-care professionals.

It is a six-month process that starts with an 8 day intensive, followed by a six month mentored practicum.  In these six months you will gain the competency to work with the public and health-care professionals

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Guide Training Is...

Time deepening in nature. Time learning a little more about yourself. Time gaining skills to assist others in their journey to deepen their nature connection. Time joining like minds from around the world who are becoming certified guides in cities, towns and in rural areas.

The 8-day immersive training was life changing for me. The days were full of both the experiential learning but also the research behind the practice of forest therapy, as well as the language and framework we work in to facilitate deep nature connection for others. The time itself was personally healing and I also left feeling ready to start my work as a Forest Therapy Guide. This training far exceeded my expectations
— Melissa Seiling, MSW, RSW, Certified Forest Therapy Guide


There are three key aspects to the  training intensive:

An experiential journey into our framework of forest therapy, giving you the opportunity to deepen your own personal nature connection journey. It is essential that every guide experiences the benefits of this practice for themselves. This embodied understanding will give you the ability to be able to understand how the practice works, which is essential for guiding  others through it effectively.

An intensive training in all the core components of guiding forest therapy. Core components include:

  • Mapping the experiential sessions to reveal the hows and whys of the practice

  • Learning the standard flow model of a forest therapy session

  • The essential forest therapy guides tool-kit

  • Learning and understanding core forest therapy invitations

  • The fundamentals of what it means to be a guide 'The Guides Path'

  • The language and anatomy of a forest therapy invitation

  • Using 'The Way of Council' as a key tool for deepening sharing

  • Exploring the Senses as the foundation of embodiment

  • The role of forest therapy in the larger movement of human and planetary health

  • Core areas of scientific research when working with health-care professionals

  • The culture of feedback, a key tool for supporting each other to grow and deepen our guiding skills.

  • The client-centered approach to guiding immersive relational experiences

  • Building connection with your cohort as an on-going network of support and best practice

A practice ground for you to begin your journey of guiding forest therapy, with the support of your peers and trainers. During the intensive itself you will get the opportunity to begin your guiding practice. This will support your confidence and is an important stepping stone to guiding during the practicum portion of the training. You will have the opportunity to guide both your fellow students and your trainers, receiving their valuable feedback.

Stepping into Forest Therapy Guide Training was like stepping into my truest reality, one that I barely dared to dream was possible. I had the hope that the practice would dovetail into my belief of the more-than-human-world’s intelligence and beneficence; would intrinsically reinforce and re-establish our connection and belonging to the natural world; and would compliment by plant medicine and life-coaching work...I was blown away by how deeply and truely these hopes were meet and exceeded. Sky’s ability to train, conveying all the pertinent information while modelling what is possible to grow into, is phenomenal. I am profoundly grateful for the heart-and-soul nourishing practice that forest therapy is. and I feel blessed to be able to share the practice as a guide
— Betsy Delph. Life Coach and Certified Forest Therapy Guide

Each intensive is delivered with a high teacher to student ratio. Each cohort contains no more than 16 students and will be lead by a four-person training team, two trainers and two experienced forest therapy guides acting as assistants.

The six month mentored practicum that follows the 8-day intensive is completed through distance learning. During this time you will both integrate and deepen what you have learned during the intensive,  with the support of an experienced forest therapy guide as your mentor. The practicum consists of two 'tracks', your personal nature connection track and your forest therapy guiding track. There is a bundle of assignments you complete every month that draw from both of these tracks. The practicum culminates in an open book exam and a virtual graduation ceremony.


The core areas of learning during your practicum are:

  • Naturalist Knowledge

  • Deepening your understanding of the essential forest therapy tool-kit, through personal nature connection experiences and guiding experiences

  • Learning tea plants that occur along forest therapy trails

  • Deepening knowledge and connection of place

  • Guiding the standard flow model of the forest therapy experience

  • Exploring and understanding the expanding body of scientific research supportive of immersive time spent in forests as well as nature connection as a whole

Support You Will Receive During Your  Mentored Practicum
During your six month mentored practicum journey you will have the following support available to you:

  • A personal experienced forest therapy guide mentor with whom you will have monthly calls

  • Monthly village calls where you circle up with your cohort, sharing experiences with your peers and receiving support from the different mentors of your cohort

  • Monthly webinars where experienced forest therapy guides share their expertise

  • An on-line forum where you can share ideas, inspirations and questions with the whole forest therapy guide community

  • An exclusive on-line library of resources to support your learning journey

  • A comprehensive forest therapy guides handbook

  • A practicum coordinator who is there to support you with any administrative needs you may have

This training is for you if:

  • You have had healing experiences with nature and feel a calling to help others receive this healing

  • You are a therapist and are looking for a tried and tested nature connection framework to integrate your work within

  • You work within the field of complementary health and want to expand your professional offerings to include therapeutic nature connection experiences

  • You love forests and want to learn a technique to help others connect to forests

  • You are a life coach and want to support your clients to connect more intimately with their own inner nature

  • You are searching for a tried and tested model of eco-therapy that is both transformative and practically learnable

  • You want to become part of a thriving community of nature-based health-care professionals who are collectively expanding their field of expertise

  • You work within the field of embodiment and want to take it out doors to connect to the larger earth-body

  • You are a nature educator/nature connection facilitator and want to expand your toll-kit

  • You are a health-care professional and want to learn and/or experience a nature connection technique for prescribing green prescriptions

Diving into my forest therapy practice was a transformative experience. After 10 years of working as an ecologist it was a little bit jarring to realize there is a whole different way of interacting with nature that relies more on feelings than thinking. But forest therapy is a really beautiful practice - the forest has so much to give, when we are willing to recieve. I am so blessed to now be able to share this practice with others as a guide!
— Kristina Domsic, Ecologist, Yoga Teacher, Certified Forest Therapy Guide.