Nature Connection & Human Health

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We have been influenced and inspired by our meeting with Dr. Iwao Uehara (Tokyo University of Agriculture [NODAI]),
researcher and author of thirty books on Forest Therapy. Photo of Dr. Uehara (right),
Ben Porchuk (GIFT), and a Gentle Oak Tree at Michigan State University, MI, USA, October, 2017.

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Nature connection & plant research

GIFT engages, supports and collaborates with researchers in nature connectivity and plant research related to forest therapy, nature wellness and relatedness studies. We also seek partnerships with plant researchers who examine elements of plant sentience, communication and other aspects expanding our knowledge and insights about plants.

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physical health research

Medical researchers, technicians and outdoor education service providers are collaborating to undertake research in the physical health systems. This includes physiological studies, immuno-responses and many other medical investigations. Contact us for opportunities for collaboration. Check back for summaries on our latest research projects. 

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mental health research

We team up with mental health professionals to create research projects to elucidate the impacts of forest therapy on mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, memory loss and other common disorders in mental health. We are particularly interested in counseling professionals capitalizing on outdoor environments. Check back for our newest collaborations with researchers and medical and psychological professionals. 

expanding our research & research networks

Please contact us for more information if you would like to collaborate on any research initiatives in our three areas of focus or with any of the forest therapy guides/ collaborating organizations in our wonderful network. 

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